Fleur de Miraval - Rosé Champagne

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Pink champagne from Brad Pitt, the Perrin family and the house of Pierre Peters. It offers a bold combination of the minerality of an aged chardonnay with a young, slightly acidic pinot noir.
ER3 Edition.

Volume: 750ml
Manufacturer: Château Miraval
Region: France - Provence
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Fleur de Miraval - Rosé Champagne

Unique pink champagne from the production of only 20,000 bottles by renowned creators: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The production of 20,000 bottles of this exceptional champagne required 5 years of work and 3 years of maturation in the darkness of the cellars of the estate. A bold combination of old Chardonnay and young Pinot Noir.

Tasting notes
Color: Soft pink color
Aroma: In the beginning a delicate aromatic bouquet that is delicate and energetic and reveals beautiful tones of red fruits such as red currants and sour raspberries.
Taste: This wine expresses all the nobility of champagne with mineral, salty and even iodine tones that resemble the chalk soil of the manor.

Ingredients: 75% Chardonnay of various ages and 25% young Pinot Noir.



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Region France